Acoustic Enclosures

Our range of acoustic hoods has been designed to reduce noise level of vibratory bowl feeders running on noisy products by approximately 10 - 15 dB(A). The hoods are manufactured from sturdy fiberglass in two sections - both of which are split through the centreline for easy removal. The bottom section surrounds the drive unit and is bolted to the feeder stand, whereas the top section encloses the bowl and is secured onto the bottom section. Both sections are fastened by quick release catches for quick and easy removal


An aperture is in the top of the cover to provide access into the feeder for loading purposes. If the feeder is hand loaded, a polycarbonate lid is provided, but if automatic loading is specified, via either a bulk storage hopper or an elevating hopper loader, the aperture is closed with rubber fingers or similar, as appropriate. We also design and manufacture special acoustic enclosures to suit design or layout parameters, which preclude the standard covers, for example where space is a problem, or for a multiple of feeders which are positioned very close together.



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