Drive Mechanisms

Drive mechanisms, up to 600 series are tuned to give vibration frequencies of 100 pulses per second. This enables small light-weight and difficult components to be correctly orientated, as the drive amplitude is extremely smooth compared with 50Hz frequency units. Series 750, 900, 1050 and upwards are usually specified for large and heavy weight components where a greater amplitude is needed. The design of the mechanism uses a set number and size of springs per model, but individual tuning for different weights of bowl tops or unbalanced tooling can be achieved by varying the quantity and thickness of springs on each bank. In normal circumstances, the feed rate is not significantly affected, whether the bowl is full or almost empty of components.

Bowl Tops

Our bowl tops are manufactured from either stainless steel or cast aluminium and in both cases, stainless steel tooling is used to give high resistance to wear and if necessary hardened materials are fitted.






Where product marking or friction drive may be a problem, various lining materials are available. We also offer linings to food and pharmaceutical standards.



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