Bulk Storage Hoppers

Vibratory bulk storage hoppers are used to load parts into a bowl feeder, giving large storage capacities and providing several hours running time. The hoppers can also be used to trickle-feed awkward components (i.e. components that easily tangle) into bowl feeders, therefore increasing feed rates and efficiency from the feeder. These units are best applied when the bowl feeder is situated at comparatively low level. Various sizes of hopper are available, to suit most bulk storage needs.

Where our standard range of hoppers can not be utilised, due to either floor layout constraints or loading capacities, then special units can be manufactured. These units can be of virtually any shape of size, and either manufactured from standard materials or to pharmaceutical specifications.


Elevating Hopper Loaders

Used to load heavy (or where appropriate light) parts to bowl feeders that because of design layout parameters are situated at a high level. The storage bin is floor mounted and therefore at a low convenient level for refilling. The storage bin can be either static or driven by vibration or a conveyor belt and these options are selected according to the components handling characteristics.


If customer product is handled in tote pans, this unique loader offers many advantages. The tote pans are loaded through a conveniently situated low level loading door and after closing the door, the pan is elevated by a lifting platform and tipped into a high level bulk hopper of approximately 50 litres capacity. The bulk hopper is driven by vibration and when signalled from the level control in the bowl feeder, will trickle feed product into the feeder until the correct level is reached. After the tote pan has been emptied, it is returned to the loading position. To ensure complete control, a safety switch is fitted to the access door, which inhibits operation if the door is opened and high and low level sensors are fitted to the bulk hopper, which prevents over filling and triggers a light beacon for replenishment. This loader has the following advantages: Reduces operator-lifting strain. Easily handles difficult parts, which cause jamming, or bridging in conventional loaders. Being a vertical machine it takes less floor space.



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