Linear Drives


Adept Automation has developed a range of vibratory linear feeders which will accommodate a tooled track from 100mm to 750mm in length (depending on size and weight of the part), and where the primary function is to transport already orientated components in the horizontal plane. Longer track lengths can be achieved by mounting linear drivers in tandem or using a series of units.

These feeders are used in addition to a bowl feeder; thereby keeping the bowl fill-height level at a minimum and allowing easy access. They also provide buffer storage, allowing the bowl feeder (via a sensing device fitted to the linear track) to be switched off for a period of time. This is not only an advantage when feeding delicate components, but can also help reduce noise problems, as the feeder is not running continuously.The addition of a sensing device in the linear track also prevents components queuing back into the bowl feeder, thus preventing potential jamming.

A linear feeder also provides consistent drive to the components in the track, thus allowing the leading part to be driven into a dead nest or an escapement for subsequent handling.

Control Units

Each linear feeder is supplied with a control unit for speed adjustment, but standard dual control units can be supplied for operating a bowl feeder and linear feeder together, incorporating inbuilt sensing to control the head of parts into the linear track and stop/start the bowl feeder on demand



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