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Acoustic Enclosures

The above system shows two vibratory bowl feeders, each with 12 tracks feeding end to end into two 12 track linear feeders. At the termination of the linear tracks, two special escapements remove the 12 leading pin, and lift them vertically to a horizontal press position.

Situated centrally between the two linear tracks is a stepper drive system which carries a holder, onto which an operator loads two mould blocks. After loading the operator initiates the cycle and the two mould blocks are transferred to the first loading position where the first 12 pins are inserted into each block. The second two sets of 12 pins are escaped and positioned, and when the two mould blocks are stepped into position, the pins are inserted. This cycle is repeated 5 times until all 60 pins are pressed home into each of the two mould blocks. The block carrier then returns automatically to the operator position, where the completed blocks are removed and replaced by two empty blocks, and a new cycle is initiated.

Insert feed system

An M3 and M5 Knurled insert were fed from two 225mm diameter stainless steel bowl feeders. Each feeder tooled to orientate the inserts in the correct orientation for robot pickup. The inserts were transfered into a twin length of linear powered tracking, driven by a single linear drive unit. At the termination of the tracks, two slide escapements remove the leading parts and present the inserts at the correct pitch to enable a robotic handling unit, to pickup both inserts together. Sensors are fitted to ensure two inserts have been correctly presented.